Gunnar Eyewear

If you are anything like me, I spend hours in front of a screen per day.  Sometimes I do it for fun playing video games or surfing the web but other times I have no choice and I need to spend hours in front of the screen doing homework.  After working on a brutal paper or program for multiple hours my eyes start to hurt of course but I can’t escape because of deadlines.  If only there was a way to fix this!

Well Gunnar Eyewear claims to hold the solution to this problem.  And while I could explain what they are all about I think the YouTube video that they posted would do it a little better.

I think it is a fantastic idea, but going through their website it makes some pretty amazing claims and it makes me wonder if it does all of these amazing things.  Provides increased visual endurance, enhances the detail of the screen, and decreases eye fatigue?  That all sounds pretty amazing to me.  But I think it is okay for me to be a skeptic when it comes to claims like this.  That coupled with the price of the glasses makes this far from an impulse buy.  Browsing their store the prices seemed to range from around $79 to $200.  The price plus looking a little odd wearing these glasses might put some users off, and if no fatigue or soreness is present these might not be the best investment of your money.

But I wanted to do a little more research on the product so I took to the internet and started browsing the reviews of this product to get some customer input.  From what I gathered all of the people reviewing it who had eye issues and eye fatigue before have been very impressed with this product.  A lot of people said that they were also skeptical but they were pleasantly surprised.  This makes me think this is one of those products that can speak for itself and that I might be interested.  I have found a pair that I am willing to pick up and I probably will next payday.  Then I will be able to give an actual review.  While this product is out I consider this more of a preview that others might like to know about.

If you happen to have used these glasses before or own a pair I would love to hear what you think of them!


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