PlayStation SimulView

About a month ago I was sitting on the couch playing Black Ops with my sister and she was totally screen looking.  Of course it drove me crazy and if she ever got a kill I blamed it on the fact that I was playing on half the screen size that I usually do and exclaimed “Why can’t we just play on one screen but not see the other player!”  While I was thinking more along the lines of taping a piece of cardboard to the tv and making here sit below it and me stand up, Sony had a slightly better idea.  I saw this ad and it blew my mind:

This is the answer to all the problems!  What a simple, beautiful idea.  Sadly this will cost you a small fortune for the television and glasses,  but if you are a person who enjoys playing games with others in the same room it might be a great investment.  One thing that is a little hard to tell in the ad is the size of the television.  As it shows, it is about the size of a large computer monitor, so if you are trying to replace your living room television you might want to consider other choices.  Otherwise this would make a great television for a room or dorm room setting!  The other thing I would like to comment on is that I tried out the glasses and they are pretty lightweight and fit comfortably over glasses if you already wear them.  Anyways, hats off to Sony for coming out with such a cool way to play on the same couch.

Edit: The one downside I did realize is that while this would be amazing for 2 players, it takes anyone else who wants to watch out of the game.  That kind of stinks!


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