Game Preview: Hawken

Hawken is a Mech FPS game being produced by Adhesive Games.  And it looks amazing.  But you don’t have to take my word for it, just check out these two videos that they have made of the gameplay so far:


Pretty beautiful right?  Okay, I will admit I might be a little biased towards this game.  But I think it is for good reason.  I always love we a small development team can make such a breathtaking game to compete against these huge companies.  Fresh ideas are always needed in the world of game development.  The other reason is because I have always been a sucker for a good Mech game.  The one I have in mind is Chromehounds which was developed by Sega.  Sadly they shut down the online servers about two years ago otherwise I would still be playing that game.

While this game isn’t completely like Chromehounds (not as much customization), it does look like MechAssault all grown up.  And I have fond memories of the early Xbox Live days playing that game.  I have a lot of hope for this game, and you can guarantee I will be posting updates to this blog as news comes out for this game.


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