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Achievement Hunter: VidMaster

I thought I would start this off with the hardest achievement I have ever earned across all games.  Oddly enough this came in an XBLA game which was a bungie game called Marathon: Durandal.

Title: VidMaster

Achievement Description: I give no secrets.


Cryptic right?  Well this is how you had to unlock…

You have to:
Play on Total Carnage.
Kill every BoB in every level.

You may not:
Activate (pressing A) switches. You have to punch.


If you accidentally press A, you need to restart from the beginning.  Yeah, its a pain.  What interests me about this is that it was not originally from this game.  The challenege has been around since 1995 for the brave to try and accomplish!


If you are looking for a challenge, then look no further than VidMaster!  I am proud to announce I was one of the first 20 in the world to get this achievement on XBL!

What your proudest gaming moment?


Java Tutorial: For Loop

Every Tuesday I take some time to put together a java tutorial.  You will notice at the top there is a page indexing them all.  Enjoy!

Welcome back everyone!  Today is going to be a pretty short tutorial as it is only going over one topic.  Although this topic is pretty important and I consider it part one, as you will see next week.  But enough chit chat, lets get into for loops!

When a programmer want to repeat a piece of code until a certain constraint is met a for loop might be the answer!  What it does is sets up a chunk of code that gets repeated until the for statement is false.  Here is an example of a for loop

int i;

for (i = 0; i < 10; i++)


    //Any code you want to repeat goes here

    System.out.println("This is the " + i + " time through the loop");


This is this basic structure of the for loop.  There are three arguments that need to be met within the for statement, and they are separated by semicolons.  The first is the variable that will be iterated.  This is the integer variable i in this case and it is set to 0.  The next part is the statement that determines if the loop is done or not.  In this case, as long as the variable i is less than 10 the inner block of code will execute.  The last part is adding 1 to i every time it executes.  You can also do i– for decrement, or any other way to change the variable (might want to multiply it by 2 or something).

This last part of modifying the variable in some way is very important, and it needs to make logical sense.  You want to have some limit, otherwise you will find yourself caught in an infinite loop. Those are bad, so stay away from them!  If you do happen to get stuck in an infinite loop, terminate the program and look at how you defined the for loop to pin point the issue.

While the concept of this may seem silly or a little bit overkill for this far in the tutorial it will become a really amazing asset in the future, so practice your for loops now so they are second nature in the future!

Practice Problem

Okay, so this was a short tutorial but this practice problem should incorporate what you have learned so far!  Ask the user how many times they would like you to repeat a greeting, or any other saying you want.  Then use that to limit your for loop to repeat it that many times!

Plans for Posting

I decided that in the interest of actually getting stuff done I will be doing certain things on certain days.

For example, I will be doing Java tutorials on Tuesdays, and I think I might want to do an “Achievement Hunter” Type post which will be on Saturdays.  Opinion pieces will be on Sundays.  Regular news, reviews and random posts will be as the news and games appear!  I will be posting this information under the About tab for future reference but I thought I would post it here real quick if anyone was interested.  I hope everyone had a happy and safe new year!


Review: Gunnar Eyewear

A couple days back I wrote about If Gunnar Eyewear and how I was interested in giving them a shot.  So the next day I dropped by Best Buy and picked up a pair.  I tried them out and I have to say, they do seem to help!  I am going to break down why you might want a pair of these bad boys now.

Would You Want These?

The reason I ask is because these glasses might not be for everyone.  For example, one of my roommates only play games and uses his computer occasionally, so he wouldnt want to invest in these glasses, but I can give a quick outline of reasons you might want these glasses.

  • You play games often (2+ hours a day)
  • You use the computer for extended periods of time (2+ hours)
  • You are in front of a screen for multiple hours a day.

These really do help with relaxing and keeping your eyes fresh while long sessions of gaming or programming (in my case).

I also wondered how the yellow tint on the glasses would work out and it is actually not noticible after just a few minutes of wearing them.  Of course if you don’t wear glasses normally it might feel strange to wear them for a while, but because of their light weight I find that I forget I am even wearing them.

Of course if you don’t fall under the reasons I listed before, you might not want to invest in these because they are kind of expensive to just sit there and look pretty.

My Recommendation

 I would recommend these glasses to anyone like me who sits in front of a screen entirely too long!