Finally Back in the Groove

Man this has been a crazy couple of weeks getting settled back into the school lifestyle.  But I think I finally have some time to get back to writing.  Probably not as much as I would like, and more focused on computer science and programming than video games.

What I would like to do this semester is keep everyone up to date on my projects that I will be doing with my web programming class.  We still don’t know the whole idea behind the fact that our professor split us into groups, but we assume that we are supposed to created a full website by the end of the semester.  If this seems interesting I will make sure to keep this blog updated about our progress!

I am also taking a Digital Electronics class so that should be interesting.  I don’t know how much I would be able to talk about that, because its more of a hands on experience.  Right now we are focusing on all of Boolean Algebra!  Since I am not taking an actual programming class this semester, I plan on working on my own projects.  Right now I am working on building a chat client and server for my room to test out networking.  If you have any ideas that I could also work on, please let me know!  I would love to know!

Well that is all for today, hopefully I will be able to get back into writing the tutorials for java starting tomorrow.  I will be writing about other stuff as it comes up, or if I think something might be interesting.  Thanks if you still follow!



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