Weekly Update: School, Android and Web Dev

I want to blog regularly so I will probably drop in at least once a week just to chat about what I have been up to!

Between the last two weeks it has been quite busy for me.  I had my first round of test spanning these last two weeks, and I have started to learn how to develop an Android app. While I have been working on ScratchPad and some new features (I have a basic calculator!)  I decided that what I really want to do before I graduate is to get my own app on the market.  While I don’t expect to make any money off of it, just the idea of telling a friend to check out something that I made really excites me.  So I decided to find some online tutorials for android programming until I have a little cash to spare so I can get a book as well.

If you have not yet, I would check out The New Boston for tech tutorials.  He has created some Java, Python and other tutorials.  But most noted, in relation to this post he had someone do 200 Android tutorials.  Yeah, 200!  I am currently on 21 right now, and hope to get another chunk done this weekend.  So far it has been a blast just running something on an emulator, and I can’t wait to have all the tools to create my first app (which is still in its planning stages!)

Last but not least we put in our Web Development project idea yesterday.  Since one of our group members is in a Fraternity, we are creating a website to help him and his brothers out.  We really wanted to make something that would end up going live at the end of the process, and not just sit and die in a folder so we decided to make something people would actually use.  I am going to write about some of the design and decision process we go through, as well as the actual coding and execution of the site.  So if you are interested in Web Development, be sure to subscribe to keep updated on that!

That is pretty much all for this week, and I will pop in this weekend to talk a little bit more about Android if I feel like there is something worthy of talking about.  If you have any experience developing for Android and have any tips, I would love to hear them!  Until next time.


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