Android Project: Grade Tracker

I finally found something that I would want to write for myself.  It is hard to think of useful apps sometimes and I want to make something that I would want to use as well.

I noticed that the Professors at my University really do not like to keep our grades updated on our portal, and I hate that feeling of being in the dark.  Sure I have a rough guess of what I have, but the grades I receive are usually strewn all about my room throughout the semester (I am willing to admit that I am not the most organized when it comes to desk space.)

So how to fix this problem?

Easy!  I create an application that is simple, and keeps track of my grade as I progress through the semester.  This would require 3 components: Class separation, Grade Entry, and Weight setup.


Class Separation: This lets you set up each class individually, and there will be a nice menu set up to choose which class you would like to view.

Weight Setup: When you create a new class, you will be prompted to enter the weighing of the class (ie 40% quizzes, 10% hw, etc.)

Grade Entry: Within each class will be the option to enter a new grade, and to place it in which category (Such as Homework, Test, Attendance…)


Using this as a framework, I will be able to set up a light application for an Android phone that a student can keep track of their grades as the semester progresses.  Rather than thinking I have an A, I will know the exact percentage that I have!  I think that will be really useful in the long run and I will know what classes I am falling behind in so I can up that GPA


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