Weekly Update: Interviews, Udacity and More

Interview at Rackspace

Yet another week has passed, and it feels like a lot longer.  School is still keeping me busy with homework assignments, but this weekend wasn’t focused on that.  This last Friday I was informed that I was to have an onsite interview with Rackspace for a summer internship.  I was amazed that I was even considered!  To be honest I just sent it in being very hopeful seeing that most people don’t get internships until the summer between their Junior and Senior year.

Wow that place is huge, and it is everything I want in a company.  It was laid back and had a super positive and fun feel to the whole place.  Yet they get down to serious software development when the time calls for it.  I think I was most surprised that I was not asked a single technical question throughout the entire process.  I assume they just want to find people with the right attitude and then fill in the gaps throughout the summer.  At the end, I was told that in about 3 weeks I will know if I made it in or not.  So I am crossing my fingers.  I really hope I get it, but if I don’t I have a summer research job lined up to work with AJAX at school.  So either way this summer is going to be a lot of fun!


I have a lighter schedule than I have had the past couple of semesters, so I wanted to do something to keep my coding sharp and to always practice.  About a month ago I came across Udacity and wanted to give it a shot!  The idea is that with a 7 week course in CSCI we can learn something new.  To give it a shot, I signed up for CS 101: building a search engine.  Unit 2 just started this week, but I was pretty impressed with the first unit and I think I will actually learn a little bit more about python (the language of choice).


I just got a smart phone for the first time ever!  So this is making me more excited about learning how to develop Android applications.  I have come to realize that my teachers are not the best at keeping their online grade books updated, so I decided that I would write an application that can take my grades and give me the current grade in the class throughout the semester.  I realize there might be an app like this on the market already, but I was to use it as a learning experience for developing!  I am excited to get to the point that I can develop this, and I believe it shouldn’t take too long.


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