Clearly Defined Objectives


We have all been there.  Looking at our product and wondering why it was so hacked together.  Maybe its not hacked together, but it is completely different than what was originally intended.  I have been there and I really dislike it. that’s for sure.

I started to wonder why that was, and I actually couldn’t determine what was causing it in myself.  It was not until I was helping my roommate out with some Java homework that I started to realize a problem, especially for those just starting out but also for others that have been developing a little bit longer.  And that problem is not fully understanding the objective.

What I mean by this is that any project we set out to do has a purpose.  Weather that purpose is to connect people socially, help track finances, or display cat pictures they all have objectives to be met.  Not clearly understanding what the end point is can be extremely detrimental when going about solving the problem.  You can’t solve a problem, when you don’t know what the problem is right?

I feel like we kind of skip over the idea of planning and researching before coding in University courses these days and that is a major part of development.  So from now on, I am making it a goal to clearly outline the objectives of any project, or problem I am working on before I even right the first piece of code.  How will this help me?  I think it will save me a little bit of time in the long run, and keep me from pulling my hair out.

So my challenge to any who doesnt do it yet, clearly define your goals before jummping into work.  And then stick to those goals!



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2 responses to “Clearly Defined Objectives”

  1. アドリアナ says :

    My CS tutor and I are working on creating a dating sim and what you wrote about was really his first bit of advice. He is having me do some reading about objectives because they are so important. Your post came at a good time for me!

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