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Pretty late post tonight, but sometimes I just get sucked into work and I don’t even feel like I need sleep!  I have started work on building a personal website that will serve as a portfolio/life update website.  I plan on keeping it pretty minimal, but I didn’t want it to just be a boring white website.  So I am starting to experiment with shapes and vibrant colors to keep it happy.  Without further ado, here is my progress after the first night!

The home page

My about page

My portfolio page, currently empty

Always a good idea to leave yourself open to be contacted!

Well there you have it!  As you can see, there is also a blog link and it links off to this blog.  I hope to add more color, and find a way that everything with work aesthetically.  It will be a whole different issue when I get around to choosing the font type.  Joys!  Any feedback is wanted and appreciated.  I also plan on going to a Starcraft II tournament tomorrow, and I hope to take some cool pictures.  I am excited!



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3 responses to “Portfolio Website”

  1. Joseph says :

    Two thoughts on the presentation here: It might make it cleaner if a) your right-justify of your name had a little more space before the end of the box, and b) the lines extended all the way down and across. This will show a little different on various computers, but you can look up the max length of screens in pixels and other displays.

    Otherwise, looks good; as you say, the colors and fonts are personal choice, and those are always the most fun to play with!

    • Brett Martin says :

      I will have to look into moving my name a little more to the left, and I actually already extended the lines a little further after taking a second look at it. What did you mean by looking at the other pixels for monitors, is there a way to code depending on the monitor? Thanks for the feedback!

      • Joseph says :

        Not that I know of, but you can code it to the maximum so that it still appears the same regardless of size.

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