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Android Project: Grade Tracker

I finally found something that I would want to write for myself.  It is hard to think of useful apps sometimes and I want to make something that I would want to use as well.

I noticed that the Professors at my University really do not like to keep our grades updated on our portal, and I hate that feeling of being in the dark.  Sure I have a rough guess of what I have, but the grades I receive are usually strewn all about my room throughout the semester (I am willing to admit that I am not the most organized when it comes to desk space.)

So how to fix this problem?

Easy!  I create an application that is simple, and keeps track of my grade as I progress through the semester.  This would require 3 components: Class separation, Grade Entry, and Weight setup.


Class Separation: This lets you set up each class individually, and there will be a nice menu set up to choose which class you would like to view.

Weight Setup: When you create a new class, you will be prompted to enter the weighing of the class (ie 40% quizzes, 10% hw, etc.)

Grade Entry: Within each class will be the option to enter a new grade, and to place it in which category (Such as Homework, Test, Attendance…)


Using this as a framework, I will be able to set up a light application for an Android phone that a student can keep track of their grades as the semester progresses.  Rather than thinking I have an A, I will know the exact percentage that I have!  I think that will be really useful in the long run and I will know what classes I am falling behind in so I can up that GPA


New Project: ScratchPad

So with the lack of programming focused classes this semester, I am finally free to start working on just getting more comfortable with writing code and making applications.  I know a lot of music majors, and for them to become good at performing they practice at least one hour a day with their singing or playing.  This made me realize that I need to set up programming practice time as well.  I have been programming for a minimum of one hour a day, with the focus on Java.

I do count my Web Programming class as that hour though when I have an hours worth of homework, and I am getting the basics of JavaScript down as well.  But yesterday I was able to spend more than an hour and I decided I wanted to do a project that worked with string manipulation and reading/writing files.  Why you may ask?  Because I seem to forget all about string manipulation and it was probably one of my weaker points in the first round of learning Java.

I always thought it would be fun make my own Notepad type of application, that way I could work on string manipulation as well as GUI’s (graphical user interfaces).  So ScratchPad was born last night.

A new ScratchPad screen

The rough framework, and all the key funtionality of a text editor are present.  At the top I have a menu bar with the options File, Format and Help (more to come in the future).  Under the File menu there is an option for new file, open file and save file.  Under the Format menu there is currently an option to turn word wrapping on or off, and under the Help menu there is an about selection.

When you click a menu, it drops down as expected

When you choose the About option, the screen is filled with information about the current build of ScratchPad and it looks like this:

All about ScratchPad

Again, this is still in the early stages of the application.  I was having trouble saving and opening the file so that they had the same look.  I would have white spaces inbetween lines like above when I would save, yet when I would re-open the same file it would give it to me as one long line, no white space.  This is again where I had to work on string manipulation and reading/writing files using Java.

Next Additions:

I am not 100% sure what all I will be able to achieve on the first iteration of this application, but I do know I want to give the user the option to change the font, size and color of the text to what they enjoy.  I can see this taking some time because of how I want the user to be able to choose it, so I am currently planning using trusty ole pencil and paper before I get to coding that addition into the application.

I have some other cool ideas to give this more of a ScratchPad feel but I need to look into some ways I could implement these features.  I finally get to start trying to think of the optimal way to apply data structures I believe!  I am excited to keep this project up, I am already proud of it but I want others to want to try it out as well some day!